• Terms & Conditions
  • The Student must obey Travelling rules given by the driver as directed by the School.
  • Parents/Guaridan must ensure that their student will be dropped to the pick-up Point `on time` and they must make appropriate arrangements to receive the student from the drop-off point.
  • If the Student do not entitle the transport facility for certain period / leave, they should give prior intimation in writing to the school.
  • The Transport fee should be paid in THREE Terms in an academic year, which should be paid in advance foir each Term. Once Paid the Transport fee, will not be refunded at any circumstances.
  • Transport assistance may be suspended or withdrawn if:
  • A Student or Parent/Guardian do not comply with the conditions of Transport assistance as directed by the school.
  • Student Activities which make it unsafe or impractical or causes malicious damage to the bus, or other student on the bus.
  • The Parent / Guardian regualry fails to send the Student or receive the Student from the Landamrk as they mentioned in the Application.

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